Earn Mechanism

Each player can only participate in Challenge mode (Easy OR Normal OR Hard) once per day.
Challenge mode:
  • Easy: 4000 steps for 1000 $KST
  • Normal: 12000 steps for 3000 $KST
  • Hard: 24000 steps for 6000 $KST
For example: A equip Legendary NFT and completed with Easy mode: 6000 KST x 5 times = 30000 KST rewards
B equip Rare NFT and completed with normal mode: 3000 KST x 3 times = 9000 KST rewards
C equip Uncommon NFT and completed with easy mode: 1000 KST x 1.5 times = 1500 KST rewards
Final Reward scheme will be determine based on the $KST market price/cap before the KaloriesGo App official launch.